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News & Events


The Pelham Library announced today that Stephanie Stowe, Library CEO and Director since 2001, has advised the Board of Directors of her intention to retire.

Stephanie originally joined the Pelham Public Library from Sault Ste Marie and has been instrumental in expanding the book collections available to residents and students at the Fonthill and Maple Acre branches. The various children’s and seniors' programs offered through the library also grew under Stephanie’s management.


Apple released iOS 7 yesterday. When an existing OverDrive Media Console (OMC) user upgrades to iOS 7, the app will fail when trying to open a DRM-protected eBook. New or first time users of OMC are unaffected by this issue.


The issue is being resolved but in the meantime, here are immediate remedies:


We welcome Amy Guilmette to the position of Deputy CEO.  Amy has worked as a librarian in the U.S. and Alberta. She graduated with a library degree from the University of Western Ontario in 2001 and has worked as a librarian in a supervisory capacity for both public and academic libraries. Her extensive public library experience will be great asset to the Pelham Public Library.  Amy is happy to return to the Niagara Region where she grew up. She is originally from Fort Erie and has lived in Welland so is familiar with the Pelham area. Please welcome Amy next time you are in.


Registration must be done in person. 

Maple Acre Book Club - last Tues. at 11 a.m.

55 & Better Book Club - 4th Wed. at 10 a.m.

Monday Book Club – 2nd Mon. at 2 p.m.

Wednesday Book Club – 3rd  Wed. at 7 p.m.

Space is limited to 10 people. Register for the year for $45.


You can opt to see your borrowing and holds history.  Log into "My Account", select the "Account Preferences" tab, select the "Search and History Preferences" tab and check the appropriate boxes.  You will be able to see your history from that date forward.


Due to a change in Apple’s privacy policies, OverDrive had to make changes to the way it handles licensing of EPUB eBooks and MP3 audiobooks.  As a result, you may be prompted to re-authorize your Adobe ID. Audiobook users that have only partially downloaded an audiobook will need to return to the library bookshelf to download any missing parts.  Please see the following articles for patron assistance:


In 2012, the Pelham Historical Society, in partnership with the Pelham Public Library digitized the Pelham Historical Calendars and made them publicly available on the Internet. Find the link on the Pelham Library website or visit This year, student Sean Lewis is returning to preserve information about Pelham high schools. The plan is to scan as many documents and photos as possible to record the history of Pelham high schools, including Fonthill High, Thorold-Fonthill High, and Pelham District High.


Overdrive has changed. It is now a lot easier to use and has a much cleaner look. To see an overview of some of the changes, check the video.

A Digital Book Tour is also available.

Get started with your particular advice through the How-to Videos.


After the recent Evergreen upgrade, Safari on Apple devices will no longer log into Evergreen. Please try the following browsers:

Firefox or Chrome on Mac OS X