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Our Policies

Circulation Policy

Purpose of the Policy: The purpose of the Pelham Public Library Circulation Policy is to set the parameters for the borrowing of materials by the public and the collection and use of personal information. This replaces the Public Library User Policy, 1997.

Financial Management Policy

The objective of the Financial Management Policy is to provide a comprehensive guide to the financial management and transaction conduct of the Pelham Public Library Board and staff.

Volunteer Policy

This Pelham Public Library policy addresses the qualifications of volunteers, the circumstances under which they will be used and any legal requirements that must be met.

Materials Selection Policy

The selection of materials and collection development – which includes additions, withdrawals and periodic evaluation of our holdings - is a process fundamental to both meeting the community’s needs and interests and maintaining the role of the public library as a place for the expression and free exchange of information and ideas.

Outreach Services Policy

The Visiting Library Service – called “Books on Wheels” - is a free service that allows library users who are unable to visit the library to still be able to have access to library materials.

Pelham Rules of Conduct

These rules of conduct has been developed to ensure that all individuals using any location of the Pelham Public Library enjoy a safe, pleasant and quiet environment.

Programming Policy

This policy covers the role, and procedures whereby, programming will be delivered in the Pelham Public Library

Sponsorship policy

Regulates and outlines recognition of Donors and Sponsors to the Pelham Public Library

Accessible Customer Service Policy

This policy covers parameters for providing accessible customer for persons with disabilities.

Policy Library Hiring

Establishes an Employment Hiring Policy for the Pelham Public Library Board, defining provisions, criteria and authority.